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V-tality BVBA - The Xylitol Company


Founded in 2005 as an R&D company in quality health products and in 2007 we decided to specialize entirely in the development of xylitol confectionery. In 2008 this led to our company’s first product launch, the deliciously healthy 100% xylitol sweetened chewing gum under our brand name Xyligum®.

For our actual product launching, we seek out appropriate distribution partners worldwide.

All our products are manufactured according to the highest standards and adhere to our basic principle that they should be 100% xylitol sweetened. This means no use of sugars or artificial sweeteners.

All products are created with the consumer in mind so that we can truly say:


                                                                                                                              “XYLISFACTION® GUARANTEED “





Contact data
V-tality BVBA
P.O. BOX 28
9700 Oudenaarde

Email: sales@v-tality.be